We are creative and realistic.

We are passionate about finding solutions through design and strategy for our clients, we  successfully translate their visions and ideas into visuals and implementations and our success lies in a sensible approach.

In our ‘WISe’ foundation model we make sure that the base is solid and right, the visions and ideas provided fit into the reality of the business, that there is a consistency throughout and all components are synchronised to reflect integrity, true identity while maintaining functionality. We believe that this model gives our customers a reliable and inspiring platform for future ideas. 

Our background in creative design and communication, coupled with web development, sales, marketing and visual merchandising has been an advantage to how we approach problems and create consistency in delivering outcomes. Viken, the founder, led teams for a London based Marketing Agency and has over 14 years experience in design and development. Ela, the co-founder, worked for premium brands in Retail and Finance. We are strengthening our team, through strategic partnerships with designers, developers and marketeers, whom we have successfully worked with.

We are open and honest with what we can do based on our resources and skills. As a solution and implementation partner, we have worked very closely with our clients to help with both design and web solutions to suit their requirements. Our aim is to always give our full attention to a project and this is the reason that we work on selected amounts of projects at a time and always discuss the time scale and have proper strategy in place before getting started.

Vishal (Viken) Govinden BA (Hons)


Communication Designer & Developer

Ela Govinden (MA)


Researcher & Analyst