Magento eCommerce platform is quickly becoming the leading choice for businesses to sell online.

If you are looking for a complete online solution that will help you to quickly manage products, promotions, customers and more to boost sales, then Magento can be the solution for you.

With custom design and integrations we can make Magento have the right look and feel to match your business and provide the best user experience (UX). Now we can also have design that can work on both mobile and desktop computers (Responsive Design). Built-in functionality can help to improve upon UX if need be, using reports and analysing internal data and external Analytics software data. Proper marketing campaigns to help promote the business and offers to boost sales and conversion rates (turning visitors to shoppers).

You don't need have thousands of products to start with Magento, as it can expand with your business, it's a one off investment to get it running. Then you can target you marketing strategy to work on your ROI (return on investment) for your business and slowly grow.

Some of the key features :

  • manage products, categories and landing pages

  • offers and promotions, discounted products

  • delivery and taxes, by country or by price

  • customer management, general,wholesale and more

  • automated invoices

  • multiple payment options

  • SEO and Marketing (sales reports, search terms, newsletter)

  • and a lot more great tools

A solution that will save you time and money that you can spend to build towards your sales and marketing strategy.

Magento is just another tool, used properly in conjunction with other tools can make a big difference to your customers and your business.